About 2SDAY International

2SDAY International is an expert medical consulting agency with over 20 years of biopharmaceutical and healthcare consulting experience.

We Provide:

  • Customized guidance on billing, coding, and coverage
  • Expert knowledge on CMS reimbursement and policy regulations
  • Access and affordability payer strategies
  • Ligation support for medical devices and pharmaceutical products
  • We streamline complex policy regulations based on the needs of your company. Our objective is to provide nationwide consulting to vendors seeking an authoritative expert on solutions to healthcare infrastructure, implementation, and management.

    Accessibility Is At Heart The Of Everything We Do

    We aim to make the process of implementing CMS protocols quick and simple; we develop comprehensive reimbursement and policy programs that eliminate access challenges for patients and healthcare providers. 2SDAY International will work as your single point-of-contact for all your access and affordability services. Our team members are subject matter experts on the regulatory processes for both local and national third-party payers.

    Unmatched Experience

    2SDAY International has trained major academic centers, oncology, urology, and nephrology healthcare providers on the policy and reimbursement provisions for CMS and commercial insurance agencies. As your CMS expert, we bring this experience and devise a comprehensive strategy for effective policies that save you time, money and effort. And with a patient-oriented mindset, 2SDAY minimizes user-end issues for a smoother, efficient process.

    Contact Us

    For more information, contact 2SDAY International through our web form or call 410-235-2223.