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2SDAY International

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    About 2SDAY International

    2SDAY International is an expert medical consulting agency with over 20 years of biopharmaceutical and healthcare consulting experience.

    We Provide:

    • Customized guidance on billing, coding, and coverage

    • Expert knowledge on CMS reimbursement and policy regulations

    • Access and affordability payer strategies

    • Ligation support for medical devices and pharmaceutical products

    We streamline complex policy regulations based on the needs of your company. Our objective is to provide nationwide consulting to vendors seeking an authoritative expert on solutions to healthcare infrastructure, implementation, and management.

    Accessibility is at the Heart of Everything We Do

    We aim to make the process of implementing CMS protocols quick and simple; we develop comprehensive reimbursement and policy programs that eliminate access challenges for patients and healthcare providers. 2SDAY International will work as your single point-of-contact for all your access and affordability services. Our team members are subject matter experts on the regulatory processes for both local and national third-party payers.

    Unmatched Experience

    2SDAY International has trained major academic centers, oncology, urology, and nephrology healthcare providers on the policy and reimbursement provisions for CMS and commercial insurance agencies. As your CMS expert, we bring this experience and devise a comprehensive strategy for effective policies that save you time, money and effort. And with a patient-oriented mindset, 2SDAY minimizes user-end issues for a smoother, efficient process.


    Founded in 2014, 2SDAY International provides healthcare consulting services to Life Science companies. We work on behalf of our Clients’ to ensure patients, providers,and payers have access to our Client’s products and services.

    Healthcare Consulting Solutions:

    • Healthcare Policy and strategy development to guide our clients of the importance and impact of public policy and legislation on the health and wellbeing at individual, local, national, and global levels.

    • Patient Assistance/HUB Services a patient-centric approach to remove barriers to quality healthcare using research analysis, reviewing coverage determinations, and standardizing healthcare policy procedures.

    • Training and development tailored to the educational process of harpening of skills, concepts, changing of attitude and gaining more knowledge to enhance the performance of employees to maximize human capital.

    • Payer Strategies is focused on helping our clients to create, refine, and implement third-party payer strategies, including public and private health plans, that support their overarching business strategy.

    • Market Research using customized strategic marketing plans, branding initiatives, and creating public awareness of products and services.

    • Organization development focused on systematic change in the attitudes, beliefs, and values of employees through the creation of reinforcement of long-term training programs

    • Project Management with effective methods of delivering services within cost, schedule, and resource constraints.

    Core Values

    • Ethical – We act with integrity, honesty, and respect

    • Innovation – We encourage creative thinking and intelligent risk taking

    • Commitment – Working with urgency and commitment to be successful from individual and company perspectives

    • Teamwork – Listening to and respecting each other while working together to achieve mutually beneficial results

    • People – We value, develop, and reward the contributions and talents of all of our employees

    • Training – Coaching and feedback with competency- based development

    • Process – We take ownership of our customer’s needs and being accountable to delivering friendly and professional services


    Market Access Solutions

    We offer better ways to ensure that care is accessible and delivered to the right patient at the right time, everytime.

    Reducing Barriers: Access, Affordability, Adherence


    • Financial Assistance Assessment

    • Benefit investigation

    • Prior Authorization Services

    • Out-of-pocket assistance for eligible patients

    • Patient education materials

    • Prescription Refill Reminders

    • Counsel patient on starting medication and adherence


    • Reduce practice administration burden

    • Support third-party payers Appeals process

    • Offer high touch services to enhance provider/patient experience

    • Prior Authorization Services

    • Benefit investigation

    • Research coverage, coding, and payment options

    • Communicate complex health care policy regulations


    • Reduce long lead time to process data from Payers

    • Customize protocols to support the adherence to policy regulations

    • Identify, gather, and analyze reimbursement and policy intelligence of high value to our client’s operations.

    • Provide leadership and strategic insights into public affairs activities related to health policy, as well as the value of technology and payment related platforms.


    Access, Affordability, Adherence

    Patient Access/Hub Services

    • Single point of contact for patients, providers, and patients

    • Patient-centric approach to remove barriers to quality healthcare using research analysis, reviewing coverage determinations,and standardizing health care policy procedures.

    • Adherence to government compliance programs.

    Payer Strategies

    • Focused on helping our clients to create, refine, and implement third-party payer strategies, including public and private health plans, that support their over arching business strategy.

    • Facilitate competitive positioning and messaging of your products with your brand, clinical and strategic accounts teams.

    • Payers mix analysis to determine key payers for client products and services by setting of care.

    Program Management

    • We offer comprehensive, customized program and project support for many disciplines including, but not limited to, call center support, reimbursement and policy training, content development.

    • Customize strategic marketing plans, including branding initiatives, creating public awareness of products, services.

    • Effective methods of delivering services within cost, schedule, and resource constraints.


    2SDAY International, LLC is a consulting agency specializing in the global healthcare strategies in the public and private third-party reimbursement arena. With a strong focus on forward moving and progressive strategies designed to decrease the cost of healthcare, we are positioned to be responsive and flexible to assure the needs of the client are well served. We do this by providing high impact, high value services and solutions-maximizing our Clients’ Return on Investment (ROI) in Health care Consulting.

    Our Consulting Focus:

    Business Intelligence, Analytics, and Reporting Solutions

    • Fraud, Waste and Abuse Prevention

    • Reimbursement Strategies

    • Coding, Coverage and Payment Assistance

    • Payer Insight on New Payment Models

    • Data Utilization to Drive Cost Containment

    • Litigation Guidance on Policy Regulations


    Responsive,innovative,and cost-effective solutions for our clients

    • We ensure our client success by focusing their resources on the integration of qualified people, efficient business process and proven strategies

    • We constantly strive to set ourselves apart by reaching the highest industry standards in technical competency, integrity, commitment, and performance

    • Experienced and multi-faceted executive-level staff with functional and technical expertise

    • 20 years of uncompromising commitment to excellence in providing quality services

    • Certified SBA8(a) Program, WOS

    How We Can Help

    Technical and Implementation Support

    • Customized Protocols and Resources

    • Policy Development and Integration

    • Managed Services and Contract Staffing

    • Project Management

    • Develop Short and Long-Term Strategies


    Tuesday Williams is the Founder and CEO of 2SDAY International, LLC, a consulting agency specializing in global healthcare strategies in the public and private third-party policy and reimbursement arena. Tuesday has nearly two-decades of innovative experience in healthcare policy and regulations, developing policy communications briefing/reports, implementing strategies for clients on health policy and payment issues, coordinating written public comments, preparing Clinical Dossier for new CPT/HCPCS codes submission, policy expert on state and federal related issues and priorities.

    More About 2SDAY International

    Learn more about our company including our capabilities, our core values, our mission and vision, our classifications and certifications, and more.