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  • Baltimore, MD
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    Litigation Support

    Reliable expert witness strategies for manufacturers of medical devices and pharmaceutical products

    Litigation Support & Expert Witness Services

    2SDAY International has subject matter experts who are knowledgeable in policy and reimbursement. When a case goes to trial (and often during pre-trial settlement negotiations), our litigation support team works closely with the retained law firm to build a compelling case. We begin by investigating, analyzing and interpreting complex claims evidence. Very often, we act as expert witnesses – something few healthcare consulting firms are equipped to do.

    We also serve a vital role by:

    • Locating important documents, uncovering achieved policies, searching public records, or inaccessible records

    • Preparing detailed business reports to support our client’s case

    • Quantifying economic damages such as the loss incurred from a breach of contract

    • Supporting discovery and trial preparation, often by drafting probing deposition questions

    • Preparing formal reports, exhibits and visual aids to support trial evidence

    • Evaluating the opposing expert witness’s

    Our exceptional ability to convey complicated policy and reimbursement information in a clear, concise manner makes us a valued ally in the courtroom.